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<<> Errh, you said <<{X i ba bo Y} corresponds to {ba gi Y gi X}>>.


Where did I say that? If it did, there wouldn't be a discrepancy.


> Your current

> version is that of CLL. Following you, I reversed the orders. The


> remains, though the exemplars shift.


If I could reverse the order of something, I wouldn't reverse

the order of everything, that would be silly>>


Your earlier contributions to this discussion, eg 11/22 @5:38pm. You have it right on the wiki page. I get those things turned around myself, so no harm done. Indeed some help, as it highlights the problem.


The problem arises because {i ba bo} already has an assigned meaning, the adeverbial one (as the gloss in CLL shows). Modals use {ku} for the same purpose and so there is no conflict. I suggest the easiest thing is to always use {ku} with {ba} as well (it is already legal, I think, and if not could easily be made so) and then bring PU into line with BAI (though that would ruin two pages of CLL which purpport – incorrectly –to explain the difference).


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