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rlpowell posts: 14214

On Sat, Nov 06, 2004 at 07:52:06PM -0800, Jorge Llamb?as wrote:
> --- wrote:
> > Re: Magic Words
> > grammer.300 claims that ZEI works on ZOI, ZO and LOhU...LEhU
> > clauses. I'm pretty sure this is just a YACC side effect; it
> > certainly seems amazingly ridiculous to me. If anyone disagrees,
> > let me know.
> I disagree.


> > I suppose I can imagine something like "mi zoi zoi quietude zoi
> > zei cinmo", but I don't know if it's worthwhile building such a
> > bizarre construction into the language. Maybe.
> >
> > ZO-clause+ZEI and LOhU...LEhU+ZEI are just dumb as hell, though.
> But allowing them gives a simpler grammar than disallowing them,
> doesn't it?

Not in PEG it doesn't. Not by a long shot. ZEI takes single words;
none of these things are single words.

> You don't need a special rule saying that ZEI is not allowed after
> LEhU or after a word preceded by ZO.

I don't need one now, either. In {zo broda zei brode}, both zo and
zei are trying to get broda. Error. No problem.

> It's useful for something like {zo zei zei lujvo}

Seems pretty marginal to me, as that's one of the only words that
zei can't already attach to. I can allow {zei zei lujvo} easily
enough regardless.



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