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On Saturday 06 November 2004 21:27, wrote:
> Re: Magic Words
> The red book claims that UI cmavo can't mark BU. What's up with that?
> Specifically, it says:
> UI and CAI cmavo mark the previous word, except for ``zo, ``si, ``sa'',
> ``su, ``lo'u, ZOI, ``fa'o, ``zei, BAhE cmavo, and ``bu''. Multiple
> UI cmavo may be used in succession. A following ``nai'' is made part of the
> UI.

If UI can mark BY, then it should mark the BY resulting from BU grabbing a
word. Thus in {.abu .ui viska le blabi ractu}, {ui} marks {abu}.

li ze te'a ci vu'u ci bi'e te'a mu du
li ci su'i ze te'a mu bi'e vu'u ci


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