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rlpowell posts: 14214

On Sun, Nov 07, 2004 at 01:28:36PM -0600, Adam D. Lopresto wrote:
> >Option 3:
> >
> >* SI is NOT an allowed ZOI delimiter.
> >* SI after ZOI eats through delimiters and text seperately, so four SI in
> >a row are required to erase a ZOI.
> >* SA+ZOI puts you back in the ZOI. Since SI can NOT be a ZOI
> >delimiter, SA+ZOI+SI is the fastest way to delete the whole thing.
> >* This would mean that the only case where WORD + SA + same category as
> >WORD + SI doesn't == nothing would be with ZO.
> >
> >I have a strong preference for option three; it gives the most
> >user friendliness, IMO. What do you all think?
> I very much like option 3. I'm curious about one point you
> mentioned earlier, and whether it's still a problem, though.
> After erasing the final delimiter, are we in a place to add more
> quoted text?

Yes, absolutely.

> ISTR you saying that
> zoi zoi I'm talking zoi si about quotes zoi
> was invalid, or at least different from
> zoi zoi I'm talking about quotes zoi
> because although the si ate the terminating zoi, the first zoi had
> already turned it into something else and stopped working.

That was when I was using a pre-processor. In the default mode, my
current parser outputs the following for the first one:

|- ZOI: zoi
|- anyWordZoi: zoi
|- zoiPrintableWord: I'm
|- zoiWords
|- zoiPrintableWord: talking
|- zoiWords
|- zoiPrintableWord: about
|- zoiWords
|- zoiPrintableWord: quotes
|- anyWordZoi: zoi

> Thanks for trying to comprehend all these interactions. I'm just
> barely able to keep my head from exploding on many of them.

Thanks for the encouragement. :-)

xorxes is working hard on this too. Thanks, xorxes.



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