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Jorge "Llamb����������������������������������" wrote:

(Wonder why I get that weird encoding)

>So if I'm not mistaken for the true magic words we
>would have:
>zo-word = ZO any-word
>zei-word = any-word ZEI any-word
>bu-word = any-word BU
>lohu-word = lo'u lehu-close
>lehu-close = LEhU | any-word lehu-close
>si-null = any-word SI
>su-null = SU | any-word su-null
>zoi-word =zoi any-word anything that-word
> (I'm not sure how this one is formalized)
>SA has to be handled selmaho by selmaho.
>any-word = zo-word | zei-word | bu-word | lo'u-word
> | zoi-word | A | ... | ZOhU
>Y is not included in "any-word".
'Ang on. If zo-word is ZO+any-word, and and any-word can be a zo-word,
then doesn't the grammar imply that "zo zo broda" is *one* word, a
doubly-quoted "broda"? That seems to be the precedence we get from these.



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