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> Robin Lee Powell scripsit:
> > {broda ba'e si broda} does very much the wrong thing under the
> > Exceptionless Rules, for example; the result is {broda *si* broda},
> > so si stays in the speech stream.
> Hmm. I read the rules as generating {broda} (the first broda, that is),

(The first broda is erased and the second broda remains.)

> as while ba'e tags the following word as emphatic, it does not
> prevent it from having whatever effect it has.


> Which means you can't erase a BAhE with "si". Which sucks.

You can erase with "any-word-but-BAhE SI", for example
"ba'e da si" will erase any traces of {ba'e}.

I think that little inconvenience is much preferrable to
the introduction of exceptions.

> BTW, it should say somewhere that after erasure words have done their
> work, any remaining erasure words make the utterance ungrammatical.

Or, they could be allowed at the beginning of text. Those would
be exceptional cases, but the beginning of text is already full
of exceptions anyway.

mu'o mi'e xorxes


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