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> Robin Lee Powell scripsit:
> > You mean happy about the lerfu formed by A+BU, but not the BU,
> > correct?
> Well, most of us aren't happy about *letters*. So in Mark~'s
> example, it's Mr. A that he is happy about, not the letter "a",
> still less the Lojban word "bu".

The same thing happens with {le broda ku ui}. That doesn't
express happiness about the word {ku} or the sumti {le broda ku},
but about the referent of the sumti.

I think that it doesn't matter much if the grammar attaches
the UI to {bu} or to {abu}. It makes no difference, just as
it would make no difference attaching it to {ku} or to
{le broda ku} as a whole.

In the case of {zo a ui} however, I think it makes more sense
to attach {ui} to the zo-word as a whole, i.e., ui is not quoted

mu'o mi'e xorxes


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