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On Sun, 7 Nov 2004, Robin Lee Powell wrote:

>> I very much like option 3. I'm curious about one point you
>> mentioned earlier, and whether it's still a problem, though.
>> After erasing the final delimiter, are we in a place to add more
>> quoted text?
> Yes, absolutely.

Hmmm. When I wrote that yesterday, I thought that was a good thing. Now I'm
confused with how that interacts with the "four {si}s remove a {zoi}" thing.
That is, consider

zoi .kor. text .kor. si si si si

Wouldn't the first si remove the last .kor., and then the rest all fall into
the quotes, the same as if you'd said

zoi .kor. text si si si

and fail, because there's no closing delimiter? That is, how do we know that
the next si is meant to remove the zoiWords, and not be added to them?

>> ISTR you saying that
>> zoi zoi I'm talking zoi si about quotes zoi
>> was invalid, or at least different from
>> zoi zoi I'm talking about quotes zoi
>> because although the si ate the terminating zoi, the first zoi had
>> already turned it into something else and stopped working.
> That was when I was using a pre-processor. In the default mode, my
> current parser outputs the following for the first one:
> text
> zoiClause
> |- ZOI: zoi
> |- anyWordZoi: zoi
> |- zoiPrintableWord: I'm
> |- zoiWords
> |- zoiPrintableWord: talking
> |- zoiWords
> |- zoiPrintableWord: about
> |- zoiWords
> |- zoiPrintableWord: quotes
> |- anyWordZoi: zoi
>> Thanks for trying to comprehend all these interactions. I'm just
>> barely able to keep my head from exploding on many of them.
> Thanks for the encouragement. :-)
> xorxes is working hard on this too. Thanks, xorxes.

..i ki'esai .xorxes.
Adam Lopresto

Aleph-null bottles of beer on the wall,
Aleph-null bottles of beer,
You take one down, and pass it around,
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