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Some more comments.

> ZO quotes the following word, no matter what it is, except Y.
> Words quoted with ZO lose their grammatical functions.

This doesn't mention {zo zo da} and {zoi zo da ........ zo de}.

If we can't assume left-to-right precedence, and {zo}
wins over everything else, then in those cases {da} and {de}
would be quoted by {zo}. Also the difference between
{zo da si de} and {zo da si si} should be mentioned here.

> FAhO terminates the word or text stream unequivocably,
> unless quoted with ZO.

Even within {lo'u ... le'u}?

> LOhU quotes all following Lojban words up to a LEhU (but
> not a ZO+LEhU; this is to allow nested LOhU...LEhU quotes
> inside a LOhU...LEhU, so you can talk about mistakes you
> made that include a previous error quote). Except for the
> ZO+LEhU case (which should be read as simply LEhU inside
> a LOhU...LEhU quote) all Lojban words within a LOhU...LEhU
> quote are read without any grammar and have no
> grammatical effects.

Even FAhO? If FAhO is active within LOhU-LEhU, what about

> LEhU is ungrammatical except at the end of a LOhU quotation
> and after ZO.

Is {le'u si} ungrammatical?

> ZOI cmavo use the following word as a delimiting word, no
> matter what it is, execept Y (which is ignored); and SI, SA
> and SU (which erase it).

Can it use ZO, FAhO, LEhU?

> BU makes the preceding word into a lerfu word, except for ZO,
> ZEI and LOhU (which quote it), ZOI (which uses it as a delimiter);
> LEhU (which would result in bizarrely re-opening the LOhU...LEhU,
> and hence is an error); SI, SA and SU (it affects whatever is to the
> left after the erasing is done; if nothing is left an error results);
> BAhE (which it skips); BU (which would lead to grouping issues,
> and hence is an error to attempt); and FAhO (after which anything,
> including BU, is ignored).

What about {zo da bu} and {da zei de bu}?

mu'o mi'e xorxes

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