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On Tue, 9 Nov 2004 wrote:

> Re: Magic Words
> A simple question:
> How many of you think that the rules as I currently have them written would
> be very hard for you to learn?

For the most part, I think they're not too bad, but there are a few parts that
I know I'd have trouble with. I think the "zo le'u inside lo'u" stuff in
particular comes across as something of a wart (the number of times it gets
mentioned, for instance, as exceptions to other rules, makes it annoying).

Also, I might mention here an issue I've been wanting to post elsewhere, you've

BU makes the preceding word into a lerfu word, except for ZO, ... BU (which
would lead to grouping issues, and hence is an error to attempt); ... Multiple
BU may be used in succession, in which case a new letteral is formed for each
additional BU (i.e. "broda bu" is a different letteral from "broda bu bu").
However, "bu bu" by itself is illegal.

That seems to contradict itself about bu bu. Should the "BU (which would lead
to grouping issues, and hence is an error to attempt);" part be stricken?

Also, I was led to wonder whether "fa'o si" is legal. I'm sure in normal
conversation only the biggest pedant would stick his fingers in his ears and
ignore "fa'o si fo'a", but is it actually valid?

Also, you have "SU+SI == nothing". Does that mean nothing in the sense of
"text before the SU is undisturbed" or nothing as in "no text is left
whatsoever". What does "SA+SU" or "SA+SA" mean? Is SA an error if there are
no previous words of the desired selma'o?

> For those of you who have also read xorxes' stuff, do you find it easier?

Easier to learn, absolutely, no question about it. Easier to use, not really,
since yours make it easier to, for instance, make corrections piecewise in zoi
delimiters. I'd really like to see actual texts where there are differences in
interpretation between the two sets of rules, to get an idea of how often it
matters. I'm tempted to say if the interactions are as rare as I suspect, we
might be better with the simpler rules, since not much will be lost. But I'm
still conflicted.
Adam Lopresto

MacGyver is the Martha Stewart of action.
--Patrick J. Mooney


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