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> > 2) At least in Robin's parser implementation, FAhO has a true
> > magic word grammatical function besides its end-of-parsable-input
> > metagrammatical function. If I understand correctly, in Robin's
> > parser FAhO swallows also any preceding word that makes the
> > text ungrammatical.
> *NO*. This is *not* correct.
> PEG parsers, by default, output only those things they processed
> successfully. A grammatical error before fa'o causes that error and
> all that follows, *including* fa'o, to not be processed. Sort of.
> It's really more complicated than that.

OK. I misunderstood what you said on irc yesterday
about { fa'o }.
I understood you to say that that returned { fa'o},
but you must have said that it just returns {}, with
no {fa'o}.

I'd like to know what the official grammar of FAhO is, then.
Is it something like:

text = (rest of grammar) [FAhO anything]


mu'o mi'e xorxes


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