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> I think I'm coming over to your side, but I'm worried about .y. bu.
> I don't think we can just drop it out, much as we'd like to, but it
> causes wierd problems like "zoi .y. bu...".
> Would you accept "Before normal text processing, ".y. bu" is
> handled, and is treated as a single word of selma'o BY during
> regular LTR processing" as an exception? Do you see any problems
> with this?

I don't see any problems with that at this point, other than
the conceptual ugliness.

> (My parser, of course, won't actually implement it as a seperate
> pass. Not sure how I'll implement it at all, but it's certainly
> possible. Probably a special case in BY itself.)

I tend to think of the morphology processing as separate from the
syntax processing. Your parser does everything together, so reading
the PEG grammar confuses me sometimes. I wonder if it's possible
to write the PEG grammar in such a way that the part that deals
with words only (i.e. not with individual characters) can stand
on its own.

mu'o mi'e xorxes


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