A Place for Official Definitions

[09:04] <vensa> btw: where does it say that {xorlo} is official?
[09:04] <ctino> ...
[09:05] <selckiku> xorlo was ruled official by some meeting of the LLG or something
[09:05] <vensa> where does it say that?
[09:05] <selckiku> in my memory, for one place
[09:05] <vensa> ha ha
[09:05] <ctino> I wish I could search some database for a word and have it return to me a giant list of ALL of the grammar rules associated with it...
[09:05] <treed> "interim baseline"
[09:05] <treed> check the meeting minutes
[09:05] <selckiku> i remember them saying it was a "christmas gift" somewher!
[09:05] <vensa> isnt threre an official site of the LLG's meeting summaries?
[09:05] <treed> it was a christmas gift to the community 3-4 years ago
[09:06] <vensa> treed: where can I see the "interim baseline"?
[09:06] <ksion> IIRC neither xorlo nor dotside is official, but at least xorlo is mentioned in dictionary :)
[09:07] <tomoj> ydrc
[09:07] <vensa> wha?!
[09:07] <tomoj> he doesn't remember correctly
[09:07] <vensa> In that case: vensa is officialy denouncing xorlo as of now
[09:07] <vensa> mi nelci lenu mi tavla fi le jbobau fo le jbobau
[09:07] <tomoj> xorlo was accepted unanimously, but is technically still subject to change, according to the tiki
[09:08] <vensa> oh...lol: I thout ydrc=You do recall correctly :)
[09:08] <ksion> Yes.
[09:08]  * ctino cries at the ruinous state of their favorite language
[09:08] <vensa> ctino: welcome to reality
[09:08] <vensa> I had that crisis a while back
[09:08] <selckiku> most languages don't have any official anything and they do fine
[09:08] <vensa> but I'm still here
[09:08] <vensa> you get over it
[09:08]  * ksion thinks ctino could finally specify eir gender and stop annoying lindar.
[09:09]  * ctino likes annoying Lindar.
[09:09]  * vensa likes ctino's likes
[09:09] <ksion> selckiku: AFAIK this is untrue. Most (major) languages have official standarising comitees.
[09:09] <vensa> yep
[09:09] <ksion> ctino: Don't get me wrong; I also like lindar being annoyed ;)
[09:09] <vensa> treed: where can I see this official acceptance of xorlo?
[09:09] <ctino> Hahaha
[09:10] <selckiku> i guess "major" in that case means 1st world, european?  anyway i stand by my claim
[09:10] <selckiku> and no one listens to those committees in languages that do have them, anyway
[09:10] <treed> .g lojban "interim baseline"
[09:10] <la_fen> treed: No results found for 'lojban "interim baseline"'.
[09:10] <ksion> selckiku: Anything being spoken by more than 10 milion people.
[09:10] <treed> wat
[09:10] <treed> http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=chrome&client=ubuntu&channel=cs&ie=UTF-8&q=lojban+%22interim+baseline%22
[09:10] <vensa> selkik: .ienaisai
[09:11] <ksion> selckiku: Just by the fact your language is weird coglomerate of funky stuff, don't assume everyone else's languages are the same ;P
[09:11] <vensa> what is the {zasni gafyfantymanri }?
[09:11] <ctino> I think lojban's committe should be as together as Sun(screw you Oracle) is with Java... Or more so.
[09:12] <vensa> lol computer analogy
[09:12] <treed> interim baseline
[09:12] <ctino> :P
[09:12] <vensa> oh
[09:12] <treed> can you just like... read the whole page?
[09:12] <vensa> does "interim" mean "temporary"?
[09:12] <ksion> Currently is more like C++ Standard Comitee.
[09:12] <ctino> ksion: xD
[09:12] <vensa> treed: I cant read patiently AND pay attention here
[09:12] <vensa> and I have to pay attention here to annoy certian ppl :P
[09:13] <treed> Yes, it means "until we finish".
[09:13] <vensa> I C
[09:13] <vensa> treed: isnt it possible for anyone to theoretically tamper with this tiki? shouldnt this be placed on a more secure site?
[09:14] <treed> there are people watching the change list
[09:14] <vensa> I C
[09:14] <selckiku> i watch the changes
[09:14] <vensa> fair enough
[09:14] <vensa> however, I still think that all Official material should be kept totally seperate from unofficial material (like most of the rest of the tiki)
[09:15] <vensa> it gives a greater sense of importance in the eye of the reader
[09:15] <ctino> If it's official it should be put on the wikibooks site.
[09:15] <ctino> IMO
[09:15] <vensa> there should be seperate sites: LLG definitions, BPFK stuff, and all the rest
[09:16] <vensa> IMO it should be put in CLL, but thats another thing
[09:16] <vensa> obviously no one has the time to do that
[09:16] <vensa> ctino: what is the wikibooks site?
[09:16] <ctino> What does BPFK stand for?
[09:16] <vensa> something in lojban
[09:16] <ctino> http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Lojban
[09:16] <selckiku> baupla fuzme kamni
[09:16] <selckiku> something like that
[09:17] <selckiku> languageplan responsible committee
[09:17] <ctino> Ah. Cool.
[09:17] <vensa> ctino: I never, in all my timeof lojban, saw that site.
[09:17] <ctino> And how does it differ (in responsibility/power) fro LLG?
[09:17] <vensa> y the heck should it be the "official"?
[09:18] <ctino> vensa: Because it's a great medium to house the information. And if it were updated with all of the official info it would be excellent.
[09:19] <vensa> ctino: but no one would fine it. it doesnt come up in the top results in google
[09:19] <vensa> IMO, the tiki should have a private area that cant be updated by everyone
[09:19] <vensa> with a big link from the homepage to it saying "official deefinitions"
[09:19] <selckiku> the only vandalism problem on the tiki is wow gold spammers
[09:19] <vensa> whats that selkik?
[09:20] <selckiku> i dunno, every week or so there's an edit where someone puts in something about where to buy wow gold
[09:20] <vensa> selkik: it's not only a matter of vandalism potential. it's a matter of fact that something seperate that looks serious and official is more highly regarded by readers
[09:20] <ctino> vensa: ...It's the sixth on google search for lojban.
[09:21] <vensa> ctino: anything on the results list that is lower than a personal site (http://neptune.spaceports.com/~words/lojban.html) IMO is bogus
[09:22] <vensa> not just concerning lojban
[09:22] == jcowan [~John@cpe-98-14-172-204.nyc.res.rr.com] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[09:22] <ctino> So, because the personal site has better SEO it's got more credibility?
[09:22] <vensa> no
[09:22] <ctino> That's horrible thinking there.
[09:22] <vensa> becuz the wikibooks has less SEO it has less credebility
[09:22] <lindar> ?
[09:22] <ksion> vensa: When you Google 'lojban' in Polish, my personal site which only contains seven blogposts about lojban is 4th - right after wikipedia ;P
[09:22] <lindar> What is SEO?
[09:22] <ksion> Search Engine Optimalisation.
[09:22] <vensa> ksion: is it b4 lojban org?
[09:22] <ctino> Search Engine Optimization.
[09:23] <vensa> IMO: only lojban.org and wikipedia\lojban are the "worthy" sites
[09:23] <ksion> vensa: lojban.org is not in Polish.
[09:23] <vensa> thats why lojban org should link to the official site
[09:23] <vensa> *offical data site

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