Most of the audio files listed below have either .mp3, .ogg or .rm formats. You can play .ogg and .rm files with free downloadable players. For .ogg download the VLC Media Player , and for .rm download RealPlayer.

xirli'u selsanga

If you are thinking of recording something, it would be nice to have at least one piece recorded by everybody. I suggest xirli'u selsanga.

Jorge's 5 sentences

Recordings of lojbanic texts

selpa'i's Corpus Readings

This is a series of selected Lojban texts, read by selpa'i. The videos can be found on youtube, containing audio and simultaneous text for the reader/listener to read along. There are so far five recordings in the series:

Other recordings

Random stuff by seryf

The previous file is an experiment in making a musical piece based on the concept of a bridi. There are 5 voices acting as sumti, with a common theme twisted to their perspective, acting as the selbri.

These files are my attempt to start learning vocab and grammar via audio repetition. I figured others may (or may not) benefit from this, and I converted the project into a basic podcast format for increased listening pleasure (though Eppcott's still lightyears ahead of me in that and all other respects). Please remember than I am a relatively new lojbo, and this is as much a project for my own learning as for others. I have only a basic understanding of the language in general. Enjoy, and tell me what you think via the general mailing list.

Radio Free Lojbanistan w/Commentary

These are the files in Seryf's excellent Radio Free Lojbanistan series, but with the addition of commentary (much of it in attitudinals) by me (Selkik, Stela Selckiku, Mungojelly). I do intend to do more someday!

I also have another idea for how I imagine us recording Lojban, which I haven't put into practice yet. Most of us don't practice speaking out loud much, and so we can only speak out loud with a lot of hesitations. (For beginners it's more like outright pauses.) I think that we should embrace that, and make recordings with lots of silence. Then we can record commentary on each other's sounds, with attitudinals and sa'a and ta'a, sort of as if we were speaking in person. But consciously unidirectional, responding to past layers and leaving room for future layers. I'll maybe make a seed recording sometime, or maybe even an example of what I'm talking about, with a couple of layers. --selkik

Short Songs by Selkik

ti tordu selsa'a fi'e la selkik

The old files that were here weren't working, so here's some YouTube links:

There are a lot more little songs that I could add here. Some have never been recorded, and also I have some old recordings around somewhere. .ui mi nelci lo'e selsa'a .e lo'e nu mi sanga --selkik

AudioBooks, Audio & Video Courses by Ctujvecli

These are very much a work in progress and are part of a much larger project. Of most interest will likely be my AudioVideoWiki adaptation of the Lojban Reference Grammar. Currently the first two chapters are available as a text adaptation, an TTS AudioBook and will eventually be read by myself (or other volunteers). I've also begun recording short videos covering the book contents in the style of Salman Khan.

Currently Chapter 1 is mostly done and I'm working through chapter 2.

Available now are my YouTube videos - more coming soon Lojban University on YouTube

Speech recognition applications

The development of speech recognition software generally requires a rather significant corpus of phonetically tagged speech data. If you'd like to see such software developed (sooner or later, anyways) please make as many recordings of your speech as possible. Try to make sure you completely cover all the sounds and combinations of sounds. Someone could be very helpful by writing up a script which contains all of the transitions, which could then be a sort of standardized item to record. Of course, you should also try to make sure that your pronounciation is fairly good before contributing to such a project. :-) (Of course perhaps we could start with more basic things such as would be necessary for using an application like a MUD or IF parser.)


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