BPFK Checkpoints

See baupla fuzykamni and Old BPFK Procedures.

Current Checkpoint


Previous Checkpoints

Proposed Future Checkpoints


This has been deferred due to not being as done as I thought.


While the interactions of all the other magic words were ironed out
in the Magic Words checkpoint, a rather interesting counter-proposal
for SA was suggested. We're going to need to play with it a bit
more and decide on it later.

Poor CEI

CEI got left out of subordinators by accident; should do a definition for it too.


Deferred due to lack of interest.


Far future: Experimental cmavo

In response to xorxes' handling of the xa'o issue in the first Aspect checkpoint, the jatna has decided that when most everything else is wrapped up, we'll have a checkpoint just for figuring out how many experimental cmavo have been seriously reccomended by Shepherds for official status. As such, the jatna strongly reccomends that Shepherds do not include experimental cmavo in their proposals, but instead include links to experimental cmavo that they consider potentially worthy of official status.

Far future: Pre-Rump Mega-Vote

At some point, the BPFK needs to declare itself finished with producing cmavo definitions and whatever else it ends up doing. IOW, it needs to get to the point where the entire group can look at the language and say, "OK, *that* is a well-specified language". This is not to occur until after every section has been in a completed checkoint. It then devolves into a rump committee for future unforseen emergencies.

When this blessed time period seems to have arrived, the jatna will call for the Pre-Rump Mega-Vote. This will be a non-time-limited mass discussion in which every single section of the language is open for debate, to continue until consensus minus one is reached. The goal is to iron out any outstanding conflicts between sections. Hopefully this won't take long. The jatna reserves the right to place time limits on "No" votes without reasons attached, i.e. if you claim that you simply need more time to read up, and everyone else is done, the jatna may give you a time limit of some kind.

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