BPFK Reauthorization

LLG hereby recommissions BPFK (a.k.a. "banpla fuzykamni", "baupla fuzykamni", "byfy") as a standing committee with the charge of improving and maintaining formal descriptions of Lojban, elaborating undocumented and under-documented language features, resolving inconsistencies and errors in existing documentation, and responding to issues that arise in usage.

BPFK is expressly empowered to determine its own decision-making process and pursue its own agenda within the scope of its charge as specified in this charter.

BPFK is authorized to propose standards for the lojban language which may include, but are not limited to, lists of words, definitions in various languages, human or mechanical specifications of the grammar, and instructional or reference texts. BPFK may develop standards documents or recognize documents which have been developed by other bodies or individuals.

Standard documents may be reported to an Annual Meeting or Special Meeting of the membership for ratification by a two-thirds majority of the general membership. Once ratified, these may be described as "official standards" of LLG. When an Annual Meeting or Special Meeting of the membership is not in session, BPFK may seek Board approval of standards, which upon such approval, may be described as "interim standards".

Upon adoption of this policy, the Annual Meeting of LLG membership will hold an election for the office of chair of BPFK and may appoint or re-appoint members to the committee by a simple majority vote. After this election, the authority to appoint or elect members to BPFK will be delegated to the committee itself. The chair and members appointed by LLG will be considered to constitute the entire and exclusive membership of the committee until such a time as BPFK exercises the authority to manage its own membership.

Henceforth, BPFK may, in its annual report to the membership, nominate a candidate to serve a subsequent term as chair. If such a candidate is reported, LLG membership will hold a vote of confidence requiring a simple majority to confirm the nomination. If no candidate is nominated by BPFK, or if the nominated candidate is not confirmed by the membership, an open election will be held by LLG membership. At no time will membership in LLG or BPFK be considered a requirement for the position of chair of BPFK.

The natural term of the office of chair of BPFK will begin at the time of the confirmation or election at the Annual Meeting and extend to the confirmation or election of a chair at the subsequent Annual Meeting, or to the adjournment of that meeting if no chair is elected or confirmed. Should the chair become vacant for any reason while an Annual Meeting or Special Meeting of the membership is not in session, the Board may ask the committee to nominate an interim chair to serve the balance of the term. Should the committee fail to forward a nominee, or should more than one nominee be forwarded, the Board reserves the discretion to appoint an interim chair.

In the case that the Annual Meeting of LLG membership fails to confirm or elect a chair, the committee will be considered suspended until such a time as an interim chair is appointed by the Board, or until the election of a new chair at a subsequent Annual Meeting or Special Meeting of the membership.

Any time that a chair is elected by the membership of LLG without having been nominated to that election by BPFK, any membership in BPFK will be deemed to lapse, any membership-related procedure established within the committee will be deemed to expire, and LLG may elect new members to the committee. The authority to appoint or elect members will be returned to the committee once it reconvenes. The appointment of an interim chair will not be held to cause any membership in BPFK to lapse, or to have any effect upon BPFK membership procedures.

In the case that policies specified in this document are found to contradict policies previously established by LLG or its Board of Directors, the policies in this document should be held to supplant the previous policies.

The 2014 Annual Meeting of LLG passed this measure on February 24, 2015.

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