BPFK Section: Termsets

Proposed Definitions And Examples

ce'e (CEhE)

Proposed Definition

This word is placed between terms (sumti or tagged sumti) which are to be put together in a termset. For the purposes of quantification, terms that are grouped into a termset are understood to have equal scope.

Proposed Keywords

  • termset sumti connector

Usage Examples

mi klama le zarci ce'e le briju pe'e je le zdani ce'e le ckule
I go to the market from the office and to the house from the school. (CLL, 14.11.2)

ci gerku ce'e re nanmu cu batci
Three dogs bite each of the two men (ie 3 dogs, 2 men, six bites) (CLL, 16.7.5)

nu'i (NUhI)

Proposed Definition

Starts a forethought termset. The terminator for {nu'i} is {nu'u}, which is often elidable. To make a logical connection in a forethought termset, use a gek, with the gek just after the {nu'i}, and an extra {nu'u} just before the gik.

Proposed Keywords

  • forethought termset

Usage Examples

nu'i ci gerku re nanmu nu'u cu batci
Three dogs bite each of the two men (ie 3 dogs, 2 men, six bites) (CLL, 16.7.5)

mi klama nu'i ge le zarci le briju nu'u gi le zdani le ckule nu'u
I go both to the market from the office and to the house from the school. (CLL, 14.11.7)

abu troci le nu vreta gi'e punji nu'ige lo cidni le lamji be le vorme gi le drata birka le sruri be le stedu
She tried the effect of lying down with one elbow against the door, and the other arm curled round her head. (Translation of a sentence from Alice in Wonderland)

nu'i ge'i li no pi mu fo li no gi li no fo li pa dilcu fe li pa li re
Does 0.5 remainder 0 or 0 remainder 1 equal 1 divided by 2?

nu'u (NUhU)

Proposed Definition

End forethought termset. Usually elidable except when sumti follow the termset. It also goes before the {gi} in forethought termset logical connection.

Proposed Keywords

  • termset terminator

Usage Examples

nu'i ge ko mi caku gi mi ko baku nu'u spuda
Answer me now and be answered by me later! (colloq. I asked first!)

la .djan. fa'u la .frank. cusku nu'i bau la .lojban. nu'u fa'u bai la .djordj. nu'u
John and Frank speak in Lojban and under George's compulsion, respectively.

zbasu nu'i da de nu'u pe'e je nu'i di do
I build this out of that and blah out of you (IRC Logs 16 Dec 2004 12:19:57 <rlpowell>)

pe'e (PEhE)

Proposed Definition

Marks the following connective (either JA or JOI?) as the connector of the containing termset. Goes between sets of "ce'e"-joined sumti.

Proposed Keywords

  • termset connective

Usage Examples

mi pe'e ja do ce'e le zarci cu klama le briju
I go to the office and/or you go to the market from the office.

mi djica ta'e ce'e tu'a lo ckafi pe'e je ta'e nai ce'e lo tcati
I normally want coffee, occasionally tea.


  • Termsets and equal scope. Xorxes raises an issue about termsets and exact numbers, and makes the point that 'equals scope' issues are better solved with a group construction like {ro lo ci gerku}.

  • The longest use of a termset goes to this tiki page, but I think that the use is wrong.

;la tsani ce'e la selpa'i ce'e la teryrei ce'e la vensa ce'e la mekso ce'e la latro pe'e je lo fraso ce'e lo dotco ce'e lo glico ce'e lo xebro ce'e lo rusko ce'e lo glico cu selbau


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