Beginner's Mailing List

The information on this page is largely superseded by Lojbanic Forums.

The web interface through which you can join this mailing list (and some others) is available at:

Beginning Mailing List is the Wiki page that inspired the list's creation.

The list is intended to provide a forum for Lojbanic beginners to pose questions, without the worries they might have about the Lojban Mailing List.

The existance of this list is not to say that asking questions on the other list is bad or appropriate. However, the number of beginning-ish questions being posted to the other list seems to be going down. The conclusion I drew was that beginners are getting the idea that that list isn't a good place to ask questions, regardless of how that list is advertised. So I created the beginner's list as a place where it is made 'explicitly' clear that beginners are welcome to ask questions.

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