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We very much appreciate you letting us know what you think of this site! Having said that, we're all unpaid volunteers, so we try to spread the work around as much as we can. This site is a wiki, which means you can usually fix any problems yourself simply by clicking Register in the upper right and making an account and editing the problem page. If that doesn't work, try sending email to the main mailing list, or coming on IRC and asking about it; both of those options are described on the Lojbanic forums page. As a last resort, you can send email to

General Feedback

For feedback or questions on other issues related to Lojban, please send us e-mail at

Contacting The Logical Language Group, Inc.

Contacting The LLG By E-Mail

You can contact the LLG by e-mail using our our web-based e-mail form, or the list of e-mail addresses below.

Web Master
Vice President
General Inquiries

By Postal Mail

          The Logical Language Group, Inc.
                  2904 Beau Lane
                 Fairfax, VA 22031, USA
                   (703) 385-0273

International Contacts:

    Veijo Vilva (English, Finnish, Swedish),

    Oren Robinson (Chinese Mandarin),

    Leonardo Molas (Spanish),

    Cyril Slobin (Russian),

    Timo Paulssen (German),

    Marek Rogalski (Polish),

Mailing List

An active mailing list is available on the Internet.

To sign up, go to LSG/2 Web Interface, sign in, select lojban-list, and subscribe.

Send mailings to all the list members via:

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