Dietary terms

These are all in the "proposed" stage. If you use them as listed here, you will likely be understood, but they do not necessarily canonically conform to Lojban grammar at this time.

vasru ... nenjrkalyris. = x1 contains x2 number of calories
vasru loi ... poi ... grake = x1 contains nutrient x2 (sodium, sugar, fat, etc.) in quantity x3 grams; x1 contains x3 grams of x2
vasru = x1 contains possibly unwanted ingredients x2

nurto'e = x1 is allergic to food/environmental hazard x2 with severity/risk/danger x3
mlivu'ecti = x1 is vegetarian with cause x2
vu'ecti = x1 is vegan with cause x2
citkrkocr. = x1 keeps kosher
ka'octi = x1 is on a diet known as x2 that avoids foods x3 to prevent health condition x4

xamgu = x1 is acceptable for consumption by dietarily-restricted group x2 by standard x3; x1 is hypoallergenic, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, etc.

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