Everyday Lojban B01, Dubious Places

Give the text and its current translation, a comment, a sugestion for correction, and mark it once it has been corrected.

I'm on a mission in another city''mi ca jdali'u le drata tcadu "Mission" is polysemous. Is it a religious mission, a diplomatic mission, or what? Another city than what? Apparently than the one your wife is in, but is she also on a mission? mi ca tibli'u le drata tcadu ; drata x2 is not necessary here because it is not explicitly said in the English sentence. go'i
B: Short hair is very exciting.lo tordu kerfa cu mutce loka se nelciI'm not sure how to render 'exciting'. Wasn't there a word for sexual attraction?Should be 'is superlative in the property of sexual attractiveness' (lo tordu kerfa cu traji loni trina : I suggest trina traji for 'exciting' as extreme attractiveness; sexuality is not explicitly said in the English sentence.) go'i
B: Didn't you see it before?.i xu do na pu'o viskaThe translation seems to be incorrect. "pu'o" makes the lojban sentence strange."pu" or "puku" instead of "pu'o". go'i
First Jack, then Judith in March, now Kate....i la djek. pamoiroi go'i .i babo la djudyt. ca lo cibma'i .i caku la keit"pamoiroi" doesn't seems to be the right word."pamoi" instead of"pamoiroi". go'i
B: I? No!xu mi .i na djunoIn this situation the speaker must not be really asking about the truth, but must just be confused.mi ki'a .i na djuno go'i
B: No! Why do you think I know?.ienai na go'i .i do pensi lonu go'e kei mu'i maThe explanation reads: "Double negation. With the second {na} we restore the original affirmation by negating it twice." The explanation does't seem right. It is not double negation. It is single negation.Remove the explanation. go'i
A: You do. jo'a do djuno zo jo'a tcita le se cusku le du'u la'e ri je'a drani .i ku'i .abu cusku le du'u le se cusku be by cu na'e drani na'i do ja'a djuno go'i

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