Experimental FA

foi'a [ FA ] tags sumti that is ur-x1 (before SE conversion).
foi'e [ FA ] tags sumti that is ur-x2 (before SE conversion).
foi'i [ FA ] tags sumti that is ur-x3 (before SE conversion).
foi'o [ FA ] tags sumti that is ur-x4 (before SE conversion).
foi'u [ FA ] tags sumti that is ur-x5 (before SE conversion).

Using foi'V saves having to compute the renumberings of places resulting from SE conversion. It may be just a problem with my mental wiring, but I find SE conversion hard to compute, and multiple SE really scrambles my circuits. --And

But... but... Why not just leave out the SE and use the regular FA tags?

(I do wish people would sign their contributions. I like to know who's speaking.) Anyway, the answer is mainly that in sumti tails SE conversion is the only option. Maybe if jai fi broda were an alternative to te broda, that argument would evaporate. I should add, too, that I am not actively advocating foi'V — rather, I'm still seeking the optimum balance between the concision-but-complexity of identifying sumti places by position and the longwindedness-but-simplicity of identifying sumti places by FA. I haven't yet hit on anything that feels satisfactory. --And

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