Format of Gismu Lists

The Lojban gismu list is a plain-text ASCII columnar format file.

  • Column 0 is the first character position (a.k.a. column) in each line.
  • Columns 1-5 is the gismu itself.
  • Columns 6-19 are up to three assigned rafsi, with position in the field indicating the form CVC (columns 7-9), CCV (columns 11-13) or CVV (columns 15-18).
  • Columns 20-39 is the English keyword - a unique word useful for remembering the word but not necessarily a definition; being unique was more critical than being definitional.
  • Columns 41-60 is a hint word enclosed in single quotation marks, which may be an alternate word with related meaning that may be used as a memory aid (these might not be unique or unambiguous).
  • Columns 62-157 is the official place structure definition.
  • Columns 159-160 is a letter and number code associating the word with the original Lojban textbook outline to give the intended teaching order.
  • Columns 161-164 is a frequency count from 1993, giving an ordering based on usage up to that point.

The latter two were used to generate non-alphabetical sorted lists based on
two plausible orderings in which one might want to learn the words.

  • Columns 165+ contain additional information that did not fit into the place structure field, generally explanatory, with cross-references to related words.

Originally, only the first three fields were baselined, but the community
has treated the entire document as frozen for several years. The byfy is
responsible for making any changes to it at this point.

For information on the correct interpretation of natlang text in the gismu lists (columns 62-157 and 165+), see BPFK gismu Section: Parenthetical Remarks in Brivla Definitions.

Bob LeChevalier

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