LLG 2000 Annual Meeting Announcement

Posted by lojbab to lojban, May 4, 2000:

This is the Official announcement (finally) of LogFest 2000, which will be
held as usual at my house in the Virginia suburbs of Washington DC USA.
LogFest will be held the weekend of August 5-6, 2000. Guests often arrive
on Friday, and some leave as late as Monday; we can be flexible on
accommodations. Most attendees sleep at semi-random times using our
collection of spare beds and mattresses, since activity and discussions
continue at all hours of the night. We provide food, asking an optional
contribution of around $30 per person attending to defray the costs of
LogFest (some generously give more %^). Since you don't need a hotel, and
can take the Metro subway to only a few blocks from my house (where someone
can pick you up), this is generally the only cost other than getting here,
unless you buy Lojban materials.

We are expecting to again have fluent Lojban speaker Nick Nicholas, and
this year we also have the possibility that John Clifford (pc) will
attend. Lojban reference book author John Cowan will be there and will
sign copies of the book on request. A couple of other new people and
distant visitors have expressed interest, but I'll not yet speculate who
will actually be able to make it pending more solid commitments.
We are hoping to have a significantly higher turnout than in previous
years, and more in-Lojban conversation, given the large growth in the
numbers of people who are actively learning the language, but you needn't
be a skilled Lojbanist to attend - we also offer impromptu classes and
lessons. There is no formal schedule for activities (there usually is not,
as we prefer to be flexible to accommodate the interests of those actually
attending and awake at any given time); in general Friday is for
socializing and getting to know people, Saturday is the main day for Lojban
activities, and Sunday is when we hold the annual official meeting of The
Logical Language Group, Inc., as required by law (all are welcome at the
meeting). There will likely be scheduled IRC sessions to involve the world
community of Lojbanists in this annual celebration of Lojban; times to be
announced later.

The official meeting of The Logical Language Group, Inc. is called for
1030AM EDT on Sunday August 6, 2000, at my house, 2904 Beau Lane Fairfax VA
USA. Official LLG members (you should know who you are) will be
specifically asked to attend or send a proxy; if there are any issues
requiring wider discussion, we will likely use IRC channel #Lojban or
Lojban List to poll the community and membership live.

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