LLG Meeting Summary 2012

This is a summary of the 2012 Annual Meeting of the members of the Logical Language Group, as conducted on the llg-members mailing list from October 26, 2012 to December 11, 2012.


The 2012 Annual Meeting was announced by the president on September 20, 2012. No date was given, but it was projected to occur within the following month.

Call to order

The meeting began on October 26, 2012 with a call to order by president Robert LeChevalier. One item of new business was advertised: A discussion of how to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the public announcement of lojban (January 2-3, 2013).

Roll call

  • Timo Paulssen
  • Jorge Llambías (xorxes)
  • And Rosta
  • John Cowan
  • Veijo Vilva (veion)
  • Paul Swift (kozmikreis)
  • Theodore Reed
  • Arnt Richard Johansen
  • Craig Daniel (.kreig.daniyl.)
  • Dave Barton
  • Nora LeChevalier (noras)
  • TommyLee Whitlock
  • Robin Lee Powell
  • Matt Arnold
  • Robert LeChevalier

With 15 out of 18 current members responding, quorum was declared. Mark Shoulson, Stephen Weeks and Pierre Abbat were noted as missing.

Mark and Pierre signed into the meeting some time later.

Reading of minutes

The president noted that no minutes or meeting summary from the last year had been submitted and called for a volunteer.

President's report

I don't have any thing specific to report as President except regarding
the 25th anniversary celebration (and not much there), which will be
covered under New Business.

I will note that we sold just over a hundred copies of CLL during the
last 12 months, a record now achievable in part because Amazon is doing
most of our fulfillment. We have approximately 2-3 years supply
remaining of the current edition at that sales rate, and hopefully a new
edition will be ready before then. I seem to be missing the most recent
Lightning Source reports (or probably misfiled them), but sales of the
intro book for 10 months of the last year were about 86 (1/4 of them
last December), so probably a bit short of 100.

Officers' reports

Robin Lee Powell, secretary/treasurer, reported LLG's 2012 Q3 finances.

Committee reports

Robin Lee Powell, as chair of BPFK, estimated between 20 and 100 hours would be needed to update the CLL in a usable form. He also noted that he was not receiving any help with this effort.

Pierre reported on his efforts to establish a Lojban proficiency test, which included work on a database schema. He projected the next step to include building web pages to facilitate the entry and rating of test questions. He noted Lindar had offered to help coordinate communication with other people interested in the project.

Election of new members

Ali Sajid Imami (banseljaj), who was noted as active in promoting the 25th anniversary celebration, was inducted as a member.

Removal of old members

Stephen Weeks, who did not respond to roll call and who hadn't been present at several previous meetings, was removed as a member.

Matt Arnold, John Cowan and And Rosta offered to resign on the basis of not being very active, but no motion was taken to accept these resignations.

Election of the Board

No nominations for the Board were submitted and no current Board members stepped down. The current slate of directors was submitted for re-election.

  • LeChevalier, Robert
  • Vilva, Veijo
  • Powell, Robin Lee
  • Johansen, Arnt Richard
  • Paulssen, Timo

With no objections, the slate was re-elected.

Old and new business

lojbab asked if LLG should be supporting the 25th anniversary celebrations organizationally, and requested that the gathering be held on a weekend so as to enable more people to attend. The celebration was endorsed, and its date was announced as January 4-5, 2013, despite the actual anniversary occurring midweek, January 2-3. lojbab offered his house as a venue.

Ali proposed the following agenda for the anniversary celebration:

Friday, 4th January 2013:
People arrive and settle down. mostly socializing.

Saturday, 5th January 2013:
In the morning, 10:30 or so, a small ceremony should be held celebrating
the 25 years. Those of the memebers and Board of directors that are there
speak about lojban, and the ones away can speak via many of the
teleconferencing apps, like Skype.

And then we cut a cake for lojban's 25th anniversary. I am in contact with
selpa'i, as he might have some artistic endeavor to unveil on this event.
Also, two other members are creating a tribute to lojban in Minecraft. The
whole thing should finish before lunch.

In the evening there's the typical socializing stuff. Board games, video
games. One Sunday, morning, the usual stuff wrt socialization again. Any
work related to lojban can be done.

In summary, the only structured part of the even is to be the celebration
on Sunday morning.


The meeting was adjourned by the president on December 11, 2012.

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