Lessons Errata Chapter 15

  • Chapter 15
    • "Sometimes you'll want to speak of properties of applying to two entities at once." — probably should be "...of properties applying..."
      • Or, perhaps, "...of properties as applying..."
    • An example sentence uses "jemna zercpa" for "heist"; the next two variants silently switch to "jemna zerle'a". Only the latter appears in the vocabulary appendix.
    • Answer to ex 2 #5: le ka ce'u simsa la arnold. cfartseneger. kei poi ckaji mi — "ckaji" hasn't been introduced and isn't in the vocabulary, so this comes as a bit of a surprise.
    • ex 5 #4; canko is used, is never introduced nor in vocab appendix
    • ex 5 #6; I notice that the word "tca" doesn't make it through jbofi'e in lo'u/le'u quotes ("Unrecognizable word 'tca' at line 1 column 132"). Is this a bug in jbofi'e, or is it not a morphologically legal lojban word?
    • ex 6 #10; the IPA and lojban transcriptions of the Klingon phrase in the answer key are not consistent with one another. The IPA puts the stress on the second syllable of Human (xu'man), while the lojban puts it on the first (xuman). The lojban also inserts a pause/glottal stop into the middle of wejpuH (.uedj. pux.) (presumably to break up the mixed voiced/unvoiced consonant cluster so it makes it through lo'u/le'u), which leaves stress uncertain.
    • Lambda Note, Part 1 says:
      • le ka ce'u xlura da de di corresponds to lx.xendo(x,da,de,di)
      • Are you switching from xlura to xendo on purpose?
    • "...the police are looking to someone..." > "... the police are looking for someone..."
    • s/asbtraction/abstraction/
    • s/unaceptable/unacceptable/

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