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Oh dear. Is that an English speech synthesizer I hear in the MP3? Does this mean that Lojban really is essentially English spoken by a computer? Anyway, Nick, great tune, and thanks for making this previously little known part of Lojban history publicly available! --tsali

Can anyone understand more than one word in 10 the synthesizer is saying? I'm wondering if my lojban hearing skills suck, or if the synthesizer is just weak. (the music itself is superb, though!) --jay

Ee doy burngoo noy sarchee zhoy zheehar naheh sarchee... From the sound of the vowels, the synthesizer must be British. --tsali

I thought it sounded a bit like an American country singer, myself. --mi'e mark.

How come it says doi bangu noi satci when the text reads doi bangu co satci? noi I think makes more sense.

It was on British mode, rather than American mode, yes. The synthesiser also had Spanish, Latin, and Northern and Southern French; none them seemed to me substantially better. The synthesiser was abysmal, especially with short syllables (.i seni'ibo doi djez le ka snada tirna jimpe loi lojbo pe do na jai maljuxre), but hey, God bless the guys at http://www.myriad-online.com anyway for making a workable Mac MIDI-oid composer! — nitcion

I would have expected the clean Latin vowels to be the best choice.

Yeah, but then I couldn't do all the required consonants. Can't win. — nitcion.

PS, I see Myriad now offer:

  • UK English
  • US English
  • French
  • German
  • Latin
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Finnish
  • Occitan

And it incorporates SAMPA IPA. I have high hopes for Italian and Occitan, and German will give me a real x, so I will make another attempt...

UPDATE: The Italian vowels work a treat, and it's quite intelligible now --- though I have to tell it all cmavo are in English so it can say the ' , and that simxu is Spanish (sim ju). The dunda sounds like it's being gesticulated by a Neapolitan ("dunnnnda"). :-) Uploaded.

Which means that Lojban is essentially Italian, Spanish and English as spoken by a computer... -tsali

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