Lojban Class Notes

These are the notes I have taken in the Introductory Lojban class currently taught at Rice University.

I took the notes with my smartpen, which also records audio. I am pretty sure Adobe Reader alone is sufficient to read the full pencast format. Other pdf viewers I have not tested.

I can't seem to upload files, so I'm instead linking them from my Dropbox. You shouldn't need Dropbox to use these links.

Since the microphone is in my pen, my voice is louder than the others.

Since these are primarily my class notes, some of the writing isn't strictly about what's going on, but most of it is at least stuff the discussion made me think of.

I wasn't there the first two weeks, so these only start at week 3. At the time of this writing, Week 4 is the most recent class session.

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Has not yet occurred. Stay tuned!

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