Lojban Class at Rice University

Preemptive Notes:
The class has been completed. I apologize for stopping on the maintenance of this page partway through without much explanation, but I could barely keep up with studies, and I realized the videos were not in the best of formats for online learning anyway. Thus, I'm working on trying to use the videos to make better, short snippets to post online. May be happening over the coming semester. (fingers crossed)
I'm leaving the rest of the page unedited for now, because I'm lazy. I'll probably clean this all up in a week or so, after I've worked out a solid plan for the coming semester.

"Introductory Lojban" is a student-run one-credit course at Rice University in Houston, USA.

The course, started on August 23, 2011, has a length of 14 weeks, with each weekly lesson lasting 1 hour. Registration is required for full participation; however, anyone is welcome to "sit in", but should contact the course presenter, Joe Anderson, beforehand. Additionally, much of the course material will be available through this page. Each Rice-registered student will be provided with a copy of the Lojban Reference Manual. By the end of the course, students should know the basic structure of Lojban and be able to converse in it readily.

Also, anyone with a RiceID can access the Owlspace page.

For more information or feedback, contact the course presenter, Joe Anderson.


The syllabus is found in this Google Doc. Explanation of the format is given in the first lesson. It is intended to be simple yet flexible, so feedback is welcome.

Notes by .skaryzgik.

.skaryzgik. has begun taking notes in an uploadable format. She has links to her digital notes here.

Week 1: Basics and Presentation

(August 23)

Starting this week, I will be constructing a list of useful Lojban links and a list of classroom Lojban phrases. (These are both things I want to "fill" in a week or two.)

Before you watch the video

these mistakes were caught:

I have a tendency to mispronounce {e} at 01 Practice.pdf the end of a word — I try to say {ei} or {y}. My students started catching this mistake partway through! For anyone else who has this problem, the best way I found to solve it from an American English background was to think of an ending in "eh", like "neh" or something.

and these questions were raised:

How does one handle starting a name like "Hannah"? I've never seen a Lojban {'any} or similar, so I'm pretty sure the {'} is only between vowels. Just wondering.

  • True, the {'} can only be used between vowels. (CLL ch2 section 2) One could remove the initial 'h' or replace it with {x}. --.imi'e.skaryzgik.

:: Video Editing in Progress ::

  • I believe "x" is more common, but removing the "h" entirely is also acceptable. Make sure, though, that it starts with a period or consonant; ".anas." or "xanas." instead of "anas." --Plastic Raven

Assignments over the week

01 Practice.pdf is the practice assignment. It has a link for each problem:
The "quiz" assignment isn't up yet.

Week 2: Basic bridi Structure

Week 3: More bridi Structure (conversions)

Week 4: Questions

Week 5: Commands

Next time, on "Introductory Lojban!"

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