Lojban Computer Programs

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A variety of programs or program accessories are listed here.

    • Colossal Cave Adventure
      • Programs to run the compiled game on pretty much every computing device on the planet (I'm not kidding) can be found at The Z-Machine Interpreters Page.
      • Basic nuntalylihu Instructions
      • nuntalylihu Mini-Dictionary Has *all* of the words that appear in nuntalylihu. Print it out and use it with the game!
      • nuntalylihu.z5: The compiled version of the Lojban Colossal Cave Adventure
      • nuntalylihu.inf: The source version of the Lojban Colossal Cave Adventure
      • Shouts go out to:
        • Most of the rafsi conversion was done programmatically by Jay Kominek. Most of the rest of the work was done by Eugene Mayes.
        • Jordan <nop>DeLong and Theodore Reed and others for hanging out on IRC and answering my questions as I was working on this.
        • Nick Nicholas, of course, for doing the original translation, which was clearly the vast majority of the work!
        • Others, I'm sure; let me know if I forgot you.

    • Inform Localization
      • Robin Lee Powell has done the basic translation work to get the [http://www.inform-fiction.org/]Inform interactive fiction engine] working in lojban.
      • Main.MartinBays has done a bunch of work to make this a much, much better port.
      • Bug reports are welcome, but *only* with transcripts of the bug actually occuring in the game. Reading through the files and commenting on things in them without actually seeing them happen in a real game will be met with derisive laughter. Send Robin any bug reports.
      • LojbanInform.zip: Localization zip file. Read the bottom of Lojban.h for usage instructions.

    • LojbanTutor v.2.exe: A windows application to help learning Lojban in Spanish. New bilingual (Spanish/English) version with new features now available. By �lvaro Vallejo (AlvaroVallejo)

    • lojtalk.zip: lojban text-to-speech in java — by msabren?

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