Lojban Tutorial

A Lojban Beginners' Course

This set of lessons aims to give a basic grounding in the constructed
language Lojban. If you don't know what Lojban is, or would like to know
more about the language before learning it, you can read my
introductory essay or
visit the main Lojban site.

This course is not an official publication of the Logical Language
Group, and any shortcomings are my own. However, I would like to thank
the members of the Lojban community, particularly Nora LeChevalier, for
corrections and suggestions. Lessons are added to this site as they are
written and proofread; you can also find drafts of other lessons by

typing in URLs like
, where * is

the number of the lesson. However, you read the drafts entirely at your
own risk; they may contain typos, bad explanations and even bad Lojban -
nobody's perfect! There will be about 12 lessons when the course is

OK, that's enough boring stuff, let's
learn some Lojban ....


Robin Turner, 1999. All
material on these pages may be freely copied, distributed or translated
providing that this agreement is included.

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