Lojbanic Community Links

The Lojban Online Community

The lojban community has a vibrant and growing online presence. Only a portion of lojban websites
are listed here, as this community is growing and changing too fast to list them all.

Please also take a look at the Lojbanic Forums page, as the various lojbanic forums are an important part of the lojban community. Also see The Lojbanic Community which includes online and offline culture and history.

ry ly ny jy le rolnai lojbo bo nelci jikca, RLNJ, or The International Lojban Enthusiast Society, ILES

A social membership organization whose mission is to provide venues and contexts for interacting in Lojban.

Lojbanic Websites

None of these sites are officially associated with the LLG in any way.

Lojbanic People

There are various people who are directly mentioned in official LLG documents and elsewhere on this site. Some of them are listed here. In particular, the current board and anyone working directly on this site are listed below; all the other criteria I thought of were either amazingly unwieldy or lended themselves to favoritism.

This is not intended, by any stretch, to be a listing of all the people involved in the lojban community.

As a general note, here are some of the places known to have a high concentration of Lojbanists, or some influential Lojbanists:

  • Fairfax, Virginia
  • New York, New York
  • California
  • Texas
  • Israel
  • Australia

  • Bob LeChevalier is a founder of the LLG. This language might not exist without him and the others he worked with to make lojban public domain. His lojbanic name is lojbab.
  • Nora LeChevalier is lojbab's wife, and has done huge amounts of work on lojban, largely on the wordlists and software.
  • Nick Nicholas was the first fluent lojban speaker. Well, he insists that he was the second, but he's known to be excessively modest. He also has done a lot of lojbanic writing, both writing in lojban and about it.
  • John Cowan is the author of the Complete Lojban Language. What more can you say?
  • Shawn Lasseter is a local friend on the Le Chevalier's, on the board, and does not currently have 'net access.
  • xod is on the board and very active in the community.
  • Jay Kominek is very active in the community and helps with this website.
  • Dalton Graham is a friend of the webmaster and helps with this website.
  • Robin Lee Powell, yours truly, is the current webmaster of this site and the provider of the machine and bandwidth it is served from.

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