MUSH terminology

These flag names are actually from the MUX list, but they should do from whatever server a Lojban MU* ends up on.

The Lojban translation has little to do with the idiosyncratic English names, in some places.

I apologize to the many people to whom this is gobbledygook, but this could become important for a Lojban MU*.

Object types

  • PLAYER: kelci
  • THING: dacti
  • ROOM: kumfa
  • EXIT: vorme
  • GARBAGE: festi


  • ABODE: selxabju
  • CHOWN_OK: postikyka'e
    • posytikyka'e? Otherwise the po- breaks off. --pne
  • DARK: manku
  • FLOATING: naljorne
  • GOING: bacanci (flag names can't have spaces) can you do _underscores_?
    • Yes, but why? There are no underscores in Lojban, and bacanci parses.
  • HAVEN: marbi
  • INHERIT: cerda
  • JUMP_OK: selpipka'e
  • KEY: ckiku
  • LINK_OK: jonka'e
  • MONITOR: zgana
  • NOSPOOF: nalseltcica
  • OPAQUE: nalkli
  • QUIET: smaji
  • STICKY: snipa
  • TRACE: fancyski
  • UNFINDABLE: selfaknalka'e
  • VISUAL: gubyselcta
  • WIZARD: maftru
  • ANSI: selskaci'epli
  • PARENT_OK: rirka'e
  • ROYALTY: noltru
  • AUDIBLE: snabe'i
  • AUDITORIUM: gubyta'aku'a
  • CONNECTED: zvati
  • DESTROY_OK: selspoka'e
  • ENTER_OK: nerselgauka'e
  • FIXED: selyla'a
  • UNINSPECTED: nalselzau
  • HALTED: seldicra
  • IMMORTAL: nalpleji (there's no reason for this to be called 'immortal' anymore)
  • GAGGED: tavnalka'e
  • LIGHT: selgu'i
  • MYOPIC: mecyvi'a

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