Meeting other lojbanists

Put your name and contact information here if you're interested in getting together with other lojbanists in your area.

i ko jmina le cmene e lei tcila va'o le nu do se cinri le nu penmi loi drata jbopli vi le se xabju be do

Information on LojbanClubs.

le mergu'e (USA)

  • Lojbab & Nora are in Fairfax VA, near DC, and that's where Logfest is always held.
  • Jay Kominek, (near) Boulder, Colorado
  • the Edward Blevins, (la austin vi la texas (Austin, TX)) / 512.796.6661
  • kreig.daniyl. lives in North Carolina.
  • la pier. abat. ji'a xabju la bertikarolinas.
  • In NYC are xod and John Cowan.
  • Mark Shoulson is in New Jersey, so should see more of xod and John Cowan... but doesn't.
  • Ted Reed (rizen/bancus) is in Ontario, Southern California.
  • pc is around St. Louis, MO
  • djin.meiz. lives in Tidewater/Hampton Roads, VA.
  • Robin Lee Powell is in Northern California, in the Silicon Valley area.
  • xavier schools in Rochester, NY, but is from Newton, MA.
  • stevo lives near Cincinnati, OH (email:
  • Matt Arnold lives near Detroit/Ann Arbor, Michigan (e-mail matt d o t mattarn a t
  • Bjoern Gohla's home page:
  • Lindar Greenwood lives in Hollywood, California and is willing to travel to (almost) any part of LA county for meetings. (email: lindarthebard at yahoo dot com)
  • Jeremy Way/rem.klajis is in Phoenixville, Chester County, pa
  • la xabju lo la'o .gy. Rio Grande .gy. rirxe ma'arbi'i pe la'o .gy. New Mexico .gy.
  • Mike Fairhurst is looking for lojbanists around Portland, Oregon (email or facebook me)
  • Twitch is learning lojban in Montpelier, Vermont, and would love to work with others. sirrustemplar(put an 'at' symbol here)madriver(period)com.
  • cizyprijev can be contacted at or!/cizyprijev

le sralygu'e (Australia)

le brogu'e (Israel)

  • Adam Raizen,
  • Avital Oliver,
  • Alex (Sasha) Gontmakher,

le gugdrnorge (Norway)

le fasygu'e (France)

  • Raphaël Poss,
  • jexOm.

le gentygu'e (Argentina)

  • Jorge Llambías,

le kadnygu'e (Canada)

le rukygu'e (Russia)

le dotygu'e (Germany/Deutschland)

le ritygu'e (UK)

  • And Rosta, London & Preston. (No point meeting me if you want to practice Lojban conversation! I have never really got round to learning such conversationally vital stuff as gismu, BAI, tense, UI... That doesn't mean I'm not willing to try a bit, tho.)
  • Colin Fine
  • Evgenii Sklyanin, York,

le gugdrxelveto (Switzerland)

  • Gregory Dyke greg., Gryon,

le gugdrsuomi (Finland)

  • Veijo Vilva (veion), Porvoo/BorgÃ¥,

le gugrsferie (Sweden)

  • Martin Norbäck, G?org, norpan on irc (lojban beginner),
  • ShaeErisson, Boden,
  • Roger Norling, Sundsvall,

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