My mother's height

How do I say "My mother's height" without specifically referring to units of length measurement? --xod

le ni lemi mamta cu clani -pc

le ka condi pe le mamta be mi -tsali

le ni(ka?) le mamta be mi cu condi/clani ?

Yeah. But where is the ce'u? --xod

Oh that. Um... ... ni le mamta be mi cu clani sela'u ce'u? Eek, I suppose that means that without stating it explicitly it's in a place not even part of the bridi, which can't (or shouldn't) be. I suppose I expect an "amount" field in words like clani.

Yes, that's what I wanted confirmation with. Does this mean we can't express height without invoking a specific units measure? This is not necessarily a bad thing. --xod

But waitasec! What about the Canonical example of le ni le pixra cu blanu? Where's the ce'u there? blanu has only one place, and that's taken by le pixra! This is why I don't read the ce'u threads.

The book is contradictory on ka, so we had the discussions on ce'u. Read them to find out why. ni seems to parallel ka, therefore it's only as broken as ka. Here is a quick example: What does ni klama mean? If you think it's different from ni selklama, you're admitting that there is a phantom, implicit ce'u in the first sumti place. If no ce'u is needed (not even a phantom one), then ni klama = ni selklama, and what quantity am I referring to? In fact, I believe the only number that's generally applicable to a statement is a truth value. Hence, jei works on bridi and needs no ce'u. le jei le pixra cu blanu is a cleaner way to express the amount of blueness in the picture. However, I could be convinced otherwise.--xod

da poi te merli le mamta be mi fo le ka clani le ka galtu ku ku - x which is a measurement of my mother on a scale of being long in the property of height. - mi'e. kreig.daniyl.

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