Negative claims and universals

mi claxu lo fipybirka

It doesn't really say that you don't have any. It says that there
is at least one that you lack, but it says nothing about the rest
of them. {claxu} is a tricky predicate. You could say {mi claxu
ro fipybirka}, "every fin is such that I lack it".

Jorge thinks that {mi claxu ro fipybirka} sounds awful. To me it's very Lojbanic. --xod

(This is a good place for constructions of the fipybirka claxu sort.)

Why didn't anyone think of mi na se fipybirka? --tsali
Well that's not great, because that means mi na se fipybirka zo'e, leaving the interpretation of zo'e to be glorked. But I did point out no da fipybirka mi, and that is the best way to say it. All the same, mi claxu lo fipybirka surely counts as a genuine gotcha. --And

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