Old BPFK Data

BPFK Reports

Data from the old BPFK site.

Zip file of the raw SQL data from the old PHPBB forums is about 450KiB.

BPFK data from the old TWiki, as zip of text files is about 38KiB.

This query extracts posted text chronologically from the PHPBB database:

select t.topic_title, pt.post_subject, u.username, from_unixtime(p.post_time) as post_time, pt.post_text
from phpbb_posts p
join phpbb_posts_text pt on pt.post_id = p.post_id 
join phpbb_users u on p.poster_id = u.user_id 
join phpbb_topics t on t.topic_id = p.topic_id 
order by p.post_time

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