Old Draft Dictionary

Draft Dictionary And Related Files


This directory contains draft material for the forthcoming
Lojban-English/English-Lojban dictionary (expected out in late 2000
or 2001).

A draft version of
the English-Lojban version of the gismu
(engdict.gis - 2.1 Meg) is available. This can be downloaded as a
zipped file
(engdict.zip - 556K). Nora LeChevalier's working
lujvo-list with place structures
is also available (noralujv.txt - 790K)


This directory contains temporary and unofficial dictionary
information in TeX and PostScript formats. Here is the
(dict.README) file. For other files, please browse the directory.


This directory contains the latest compendium of working files
being used in creating the Lojban dictionary. Among the archives

  • gismu, lujvo, and misc wordlists with frequencies derived from that text and others, current to 5 December 1999 (xxxx1999.zip). Volunteers are sought to aid in preparing these lists for use as dictionary files. Contact Bob LeChevalier, lojban@lojban.org to volunteer.
  • a file skeleton (dictbook.zip) of the original draft outline of the dictionary, much of which is obsolete or supplanted by publication in the Reference Grammar,
  • a mapping of words from Lojban to TLI Loglan (oldlog.txt)
  • various semi-editted KWIC files based on the gismu (gismkwic.zip) and cmavo (cmavkwic.zip) lists to be used to generate additional dictionary entries.

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