Pronunciation guide in Portuguese

The person who wrote this is not a fluent speaker; corrections welcome. The intention was for use in text-to-speech systems.

Below is the little table for the Portuguese Lojban orthography. Portuguese has some issues which may muck things up:

  1. Sequences such as VnC and VmC cause the vowel to nasalize and the /m to disappear. Try, e.g. "baanndo" or "baanndu".
  2. Unstressed vowels tend to get raised. You may need to try things like "eh" and "oh" in those circumstances. Happily, unstressed "o" kinda sounds like Lojban u.

' N/A
a aa  (Alternately try ah)
b b
c ch
d d
e e   (Try eh if this doesn't work)
f f
g g   (gu before e and i)
i i
j j
k k
l l
m m   (You may need mm after a vowel)
n n   (You may need nn after a vowel)
o o   (Try oh if this doesn't work)
p p
r r
s s
t t
u u   (o might work in unstressed syllables)
v v
x N/A
y N/A
z z

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