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Night Walkers is a horror fantasy story about good, evil, demons and vampires. It is set in the present, in our world (San Francisco, in particular). Like most of my fiction, it is told in a serial (or episodic) fashion, although with strong continuity. I've tried to depart from genre conventions in a few places. The vampires, in particular, are not what you'd normally expect. Other material is straight out of Lovecraft or similar.

This story is not being written with children as an intended audience. It has graphic violence and explicit sex. In addition, much of it is designed to be unpleasent, disturbing, or creepy. You have been warned.

No offense is intended to Masons; they were just low hanging fruit. Sorry.

This story is written entirely in Lojban.

The following chapters are more or less complete: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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