Round three

Original (from "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allan Poe):

The officers were satisfied. My _manner_ had convinced them. I
was singularly at ease. They sat, and while I answered cheerily,
they chatted of familiar things. But, ere long, I felt myself getting
pale and wished them gone. My head ached, and I fancied a ringing
in my ears: but still they sat and still chatted. The ringing
became more distinct:it continued and became more distinct:
I talked more freely to get rid of the feeling: but it continued and
gained definitiveness--until, at length, I found that the noise was
_not_ within my ears.


lei pulji cu se mansa i le mi se tarti ba'o birtygau py i mi
mutce le ka surla i py zutse gi'e tavla fi loi slabu ca le nu
mi gleki spuda i ku'i bazaku mi cinmo lo nu mi ca'o labybi'o
kei gi'e djica lo nu py ba'o cliva i mi cortu le stedu gi'e
se xanri lo nu lo se janbe cu nenri lei mi kerlo i ku'i py
za'o zutse gi'e za'o tavla i le se janbe cu binxo lo satci
zmadu i ri renvi gi'e binxo lo satci zmadu i mi zifre zmadu
tavla tezu'e lo nu cirko le se cinmo i ku'i ri renvi gi'e
zenba le ka satci ibi'ibo bazaku mi facki le du'u le savru
ba'e na'e nenri lei mi kerlo


The police were satisfied. My conduct had been verified by them. I was
very much at my ease. As they sat talking about the same old stuff, I
happily replied, but as time went on, my emotion was one of blanching,
and I wished for the police to be gone. My head ached, and I imagined
there to be ringing in my ears. But still the police sat and still they
talked. The ringing grew more and more pronounced. I spoke more freely,
so as to be rid of this feeling. But it persisted, getting ever more
clear, and I realized that the noise was in fact not inside my ears.


.i le pulji mo'u djica .i P co'a birti tu'a le mi seltarti .i mi kufra
cai .i ca'o le za'i P zutse je casnu le slabu kei mi gleki spuda .i
ku'i mi ze'u cinmo le ka ce'u flira ciblu claxu gi'e djica le za'i P
cliva .i mi cortu le stedu gi'e ganse le lizyseljanbe goi L .i ku'i P
za'o zutse je casnu .i mi zenba L zu'e zi'o .i mi zenba le jei mi frili
tavla kei zu'e mi tezu'e le pu'u rivbi L .i ku'i L stali .ibo mi zenba
L zu'e zi'o .i mi co'a jimpe le du'u mi ganse L sepi'onai le kerlo


The policeman has got what he wanted. He is almost convinced of
my good behaviour. I feel very relaxed. As he keeps sitting and
chatting banalities I happily reply. Still, for a long while, I
feel blood rushed from my face, and I want him to leave. My head
aches and I feel like buzzing. Still, he keeps sitting and
talking. The buzzing feeling grows. I am earnestly trying to
speak freely to get rid of him. Still, the feeling persists and
grows. I start to understand that it is not with my ears that I
feel it.


.i le pulji cu snada fi le nu djica
.i ko'a jibni birti le du'u mi xamgu tarti
.i mi cinmo le ka tcesurla
.i ca'o lenu ko'a ca'o zutse tavla le fadni kei mi gleki spuda
.iku'i mi ze'u ganse lenu le ciblu cu rinci le mi flira
.ije mi djica lenu ko'a cliva
.i mi cortu le stedu gi'e ganse lo vrusli
.i .oiro'i ko'a ca'o zutse je tavla
.i le vrusli selganse cu zenba
.i mi junri zukte lenu flecu tavla lenu ko'a fesycliva
.iku'i le selganse cu renvi gi'e zenba
.i mi co'a jimpe ledu'u mi ganse fi le mi na'e kerlo


The police succeed because they want to. It nearly believes that I
am a good behaver. I feel very relaxed. Continualy, the fact of its
continually sit-speaking to the ordinaries is happily replying to me.
But, for a long time, I sense that blood is draining from my face.
And I want it to go away. I feel pain in the head and sense the
noise-oscillations. I am anxious; it continually sits and talks. What
the noise-oscillations sense is increasing. I act seriously, flowingly
speaking to its wasteful departure. But that which is sensed survives
and increases. I, on being born, sense by means of my things which are
not really ears.


.i py. piso'amei birti jinvi le du'u mi xamgu tarti .i mi cinmo le ka
mutce surla .i mi gleki spuda ca'o le nu py joi lei fadni cu zutse
casnu .ibazubo ku'i mi lifri le nu le ciblu cu rinci le flira .ije mi
djica le nu py. cliva .i mi cortu le stedu gi'e ganse le savru nu
desku .i mi xanka .ije ranji le nu zutse gi'e tavla .i mi ganse le nu
le savru nu slilu cy zenba .i mi junri gasnu le nu flecu tavla le festi
nuncliva be le ciblu .iku'i le se ganse cu renvi gi'e zenba .i mi co'i
le nu jbena cu ganse fi lo na'e kerlo


He almost certainly thought that I behaved well. I felt very relaxed. I
answered happily while he and the regulars sat talking. Some time
later, however, I felt the blood drain from my face and I wished he
would leave. I had a headache and could feel loud shaking. I was
nervous and continued sitting and talking. I could feel the loud
vibration increasing. I make a serious attempt to talk fluidly to what
the blood had left behind, but the feeling stayed and increased. At
birth, I couldn't sense anything with my ears.


le nanmu goi ko'a

ni'o ko'a jinvi ju'oru'e le du'u mi clite tarti
.i mi mutce surla
.i mi gleki spuda ca le nu ko'a joi le di'i vitke cu zutse je simtavla
.i ba za bo ku ku'i mi ganse le ka le ciblu cu rinci le mi flira .ije
mi pacna le du'u ko'a cliva
.i mi cortu fi le mi stedu gi'e ganse lo cladu ka desku
.i mi xanka gi'e ca'o zutse je tavla
.i mi ganse le ka le cladu ka desku cu zenba
.i mi junri troci le nu flecu tavla le se cliva be le ciblu .ije ku'i
le se ganse cu ranji gi'e zenba
.i ca le nu jbena mi na'e kakne cu ganse fi le mi kerlo


He indeed believed that I behaved politely. I relaxed greatly. I happily
responded when he and the regular guests sat and chatted. But later, I
felt the blood drain from my face, and I hoped that he would leave. I
got a headache and noticed a loud trembling. I was nervous, yet I still
sat and talked. I felt the trembling increase. I seriously tried to talk
flowingly to that which was left by the blood, but the feeling continued
and increased. My ear was stimulated during my inability to give birth.


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