The Vorta

= Fundamentalists?????

Please explain the cultural reference before I decide whether I'm offended or not. :-) -- nitcion
One of Earth's leading Klingonists, and he doesn't watch DS9? I'd stick an url in here, but can't find a decent one right now. Anyway, it would be offensive were it not said in jest. The Vorta are the servile clones created by the Founders.

.i seni'ibo mi ba'e jgira lenu mi nalsevzi tugni le le jicmygau ku se xusra — mi'e nitcion. (Australian TV didn't show late DS9, and I'd weaned myself off TV anyway, so guilty as charged...)

Possibly derived from valralte ("word-retain")--those who wish to preserve the Word of the Founder...

Sorry, "Founder" sounds too much like the Scientologists' appelation for L. Ron Hubbard.


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