Tiki Features And Information


  • A system that integrates a wiki, a web forum system, surveys, quizzes, FAQs, and on and on and on.
  • E-mail-to-forum gatewaying! You can now receive all changes to the WikiDiscuss forum as e-mails, and replying to them will cause a forum post to occur! Just subscribe to the WikiDiscuss list. If your mail program asks, you definately want to reply to the "Reply-To" address, not any others.
    • You can now reply to a Monitor This Page notice directly to the discussion forum for that page.
    • You can now receive e-mail notification on any wiki page change by subscribing to the WikiChanges list. If you want to recieve even minor changes, subscribe to the WikiNeurotic list.
  • User-selectable "modules". Those are the things in the right and left sidebars with a big red X in their corners. You can use the arrows to move them up and down, or the red X to remove them altogether if you don't like them. You can configure them more carefully in the Modules page.
  • User-selectable themes, some of which are very pretty. Either use the "Style" dropdown box, which should be in the left sidebar at the bottom, or the Preferences page.
  • The shoutbox! Just type something in it, and everyone who comes to the site will see what you have to say, for a while at least.


There are a couple of things that I know people want that haven't been implemented yet. I may get around to them myself, or someone else on the dev team might.

You are more than welcome to add stuff here. If you do so, however, you should probably drop me an e-mail. You are also more than welcome to e-mail me if something on here has been sitting around for a while and you'd like to re-iterate your desire for it.

If you're not going to send an e-mail, at the very least say who you are! Yeesh.

  • Discuss link and pages
    • Visual indication of there being discussion WRT the current page, a la "2 Comments". --rlpowell
    • It would be nice to have the page under discussion accessible for reading while editing a message with the discuss feature. --xorxes
    • It would be nice if people monitoring a page were sent copies when someone was discussing it. --rlpowell
  • Last Changes page
    • See last n pages that changed instead of last n days
    • See only the last change for each page, rather than every recent change
    • A link to a diff in the Last Changes module (note that this is Very Hard).
  • Let's make it easier:
    • Automatically report broken links
    • Some sort of automatic translation from Lojban, for example button 'link all words to dictionary entries'
    • One should have possibility to change name of UserPageXXX. Then, clicking on username could lead directly to his user page, where standard information (email/country) can be inserted with some module
    • Maybe search should get you right to the page if there is only one found — ilya
  • Other
    • Orphaned pages should have a 'delete' link as well as an 'edit' link. --rlpowell
    • I think, most of field should be hidden when editing (Footnotes, Comment, ..., Upload), especially Categories and Template
    • Can I start a new page without referring to it? — ilya — Yes; see Basic Tiki Editing

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