Using Undefined Gismu as Names

[09:07] <tomoj> why shouldn't morphological gismu that aren't actually gismu be acceptable names?
[09:07] <vensa> who said they shouldnt?
[09:08] <tomoj> like {la tomjo}
[09:08] <vensa> tomoj: who said you cant?
[09:08] <vensa> I'm all for it
[09:08] <tomoj> uhh
[09:08] <tomoj> it is not orthodox
[09:08] <vensa> tomoj: says who?
[09:08] <vensa> maybe nobody thought of it yet
[09:08] <vensa> I like it
[09:08] <lindar> People have.
[09:09] <lindar> What if that name ends up getting used?
[09:09] <tomoj> then you wind up with a probably interesting description-based name
[09:09] <vensa> yep
[09:10] <selckiku> i'll say it, i don't think that's a sensible thing to do
[09:10] <selckiku> it slightly confuses me and it's new, so i'm opposed to it
[09:10] <tomoj> me neither, now that I think about it
[09:10] <vensa> just like what if your name ends up being a meaningful rafsi combination
[09:10] <vensa> selckiku: you opposed to new things in general?
[09:10] <tomoj> the grammar says you can stick a selbri after LA
[09:10] <vensa> or just things that confuse you ? :P
[09:10] <lindar> Like what if Broca actually uses {la broca}, and then in a year suddenly we start a gismu {broca} that means "x1 is a puss/wimp that can't do x2 and licks giant sweaty balls x3 while being sodomised in orifice x4 by big sloppy dong x5.".
[09:10] <tomoj> if *{tomjo} counts as a selbri, then I should be able to use it outside of names too
[09:11] <vensa> tomoj: you CAN
[09:11] <vensa> it just want make SEMANTIC sense
[09:11] <vensa> .u'i lindar
[09:11] <lindar> Then suddenly he's named "the pussy that can't do shit and licks giant sweaty balls while being sodomised by a big sloppy dong.".
[09:11] <lindar> That's my only issue, really.
[09:11] <selckiku> i'm not really opposed to new things, i was kidding or something
[09:12] <selckiku> but honestly that doesn't make much sense to me... description names are lojban words, not just random lojbanny shaped thingies
[09:12] <vensa> lindar: <vensa> just like what if your name ends up being a meaningful rafsi combination
[09:12] <lindar> Sure, something like that.
[09:12] <vensa> lindar: so it can happen to cmelva too
[09:12]  * lindar is actually named Lindar, and finds the coincidence hilarious.
[09:12] <vensa> valsi affix: lin
[09:12] <valsi> no results.
[09:12] <vensa> valsi affix: dar
[09:12] <valsi> no results.
[09:12] <selckiku> half of my name "mungodjelis" was jvocme so i made that lujvo, djelisri
[09:12] <tomoj> it can't happen to cmevla
[09:13] <vensa> valsi affix:dar
[09:13] <valsi> linsi = x1 is a length of chain/links of material x2 with link properties x3.
[09:13] <valsi> darno = x1 is far/distant from x2 in property x3 (ka).
[09:13] <vensa> "chain far"!
[09:13] <vensa> heh
[09:13] <selckiku> lindar, how'd u get a name like "Lindar" anyway?  where's that from?
[09:13] <lindar> Lord of the Rings. >_>
[09:13]  * lindar tells non-geeks it's welsh.
[09:13] <tomoj> if it's a cmevla, any meaning you associate to it as a rafsi chain is not fixed by the language
[09:13]  * ctino thinks that is far too awesome.
[09:13] <vensa> tomoj: y not. just showed you
[09:14] <selckiku> jvocme are a tradition, though... they're not really quite meaningless
[09:14]  * kucli is a friend of elves
[09:14] <tomoj> the language doesn't say that cmevla that look like rafsi components have anything to do with the meanings of the valsi for those rafsi
[09:14] <selckiku> it's not meaningless that camgusmis is named "camgusmis", i think about bright lights and fame every time i say it
[09:14] <tomoj> right
[09:14] <tomoj> it's only by suggestion
[09:14] <vensa> tomoj: I recall seeing that it does
[09:14] <tomoj> you can tell that their name looks like a rafsi chain and know that they did this on purpose
[09:14] <tomoj> but really the language is mute on the subject
[09:15] <vensa> perhaps
[09:15] <vensa> but it is a PLAUSIBLE option
[09:15] <selckiku> i tried to get everyone to call them "jvosmicmevla" but people are saying "jvocme" instead b/c they don't like clajvo, o well
[09:15] <vensa> so would it only be PLAUSIBLE that {broca} chose his name according to the gismu of "pussy"
[09:15] <Twey> o.@
[09:16] <selckiku> it doesn't have denotative meaning, but it has some connotative meaning
[09:16] <tomoj> yeah
[09:16] <vensa> whatever that means
[09:16] <lindar> We're discussing two different things here.
[09:17] <vensa> I'm putting this in the discussions section later :)
[09:17] <lindar> I was saying that if somebody names themselves $namethatisanundefinedgismu and then we define that gismu... then what?
[09:17] <vensa> selckiku: yes, but with english font
[09:17] <vensa> lindar: what difference is that from {lindar} that happens to be a rafsi chain?
[09:17] <tomoj> then there name acquires a selbri meaning, so what?
[09:17] <vensa> maybe its on purpose, maybe not
[09:17] <@Broca> If someone calls themselves $namethatisundefinedgismu _in Lojban_, they're doing it wrong.
[09:17] <tomoj> er, their
[09:17] <selckiku> it's so multilingual in here!  next thing you know we'll actually be culturally neutral
[09:17] <lindar> vensa: Because THOSE names have incidental meaning.
[09:17] <tomoj> Broca: say {tomjo}
[09:18] <vensa> lindar: IMO a gismu name can be incidental as wel
[09:18] <vensa> as long as it's "la selbri"
[09:18] <lindar> If I name myself {donri} then I'm not going to be an asshole and say, "No, I'm not called 'Day', it's just 'donri' the letters.".
[09:18] <vensa> maybe I call myself {la ganxo} because I like the sound of it :)
[09:18] <lindar> Yeah, no.
[09:18] <lindar> Please adhere to a policy of non-gluteality.
[09:19] <tomoj> wait, yeah or no?
[09:19] <vensa> lindar: some people call their children English names, based solely on the sound, without even knowing the def sometimes
[09:19] <lindar> If my name was "Shite", it means "Shite".
[09:19] <vensa> ctino: he ivrit shelcha metzuyenet
[09:19] <ctino> selckiku: it's nice isn't it? lojban actually has more people from different cultures than I realized.
[09:20] <selckiku> someday there'll be thousands of jbopre, and all of the gismu will have been someone's name sometime
[09:20] <vensa> tomoj: I suspect the Yeah was cinical (lindarP) :)
[09:20] <lindar> If my name is "Rose", then it's fucking "Rose". If my name is "Blue" then my name is "Blue". If your name is {xalbo} then your name is actually {xalbo}. Do you see what I'm saying?
[09:20] <vensa> lindar: no
[09:20] <lindar> Words have definitions, regardless of whether or not they're also names.
[09:20] <selckiku> i think a lot about why la xalbo chose "xalbo" and what it means to him
[09:20] <lindar> You don't get to detach the meaning just because you like the -sound- of the name.
[09:20] <vensa> lindar: yes
[09:20] <selckiku> it's a very interesting choice of name
[09:20] <ctino> vensa: todah, haha.
[09:21] <lindar> Stop saying no and yes. There's no scale set. It's not a yes or no question.
[09:21] <vensa> lindar: but that doesnt mean the definition was intended by the name chooser. agreed?
[09:21] <lindar> >_> In this case, yes it fucking does.
[09:21] <vensa> what is "this case"?!
[09:22] <lindar> Ignore all of the old names like "john" and "mary" and shit that have a meaning but not in English. If you name your kid "Crystal", the kid's name is fucking "Crystal".
[09:22] <lindar> It's a word in English with a meaning.
[09:22] <vensa> lindar: someone can call their child "auburn" without knowing it's a color
[09:22] <vensa> yes it has a meaning
[09:22] <lindar> FUCK those people. They shouldn't be allowed to breed.
[09:22] <vensa> but some word's meaning are less clear
[09:22] <vensa> .u'isai
[09:22] <lindar> Bro, Lojban here.
[09:23] <lindar> The words are very clear.
[09:23] <vensa> all I'm saying is that meaning is not always transparent
[09:23] <selckiku> i remember when there was hardly anyone named a gismu
[09:23] <vensa> just like you can have nicknames who's original name isnt clear
[09:23] <lindar> Dude, your name in English is "Springtime".
[09:23] <selckiku> i used to wonder "why don't people choose gismu names?  all the gismu are available!"
[09:23] <lindar> Guess what it means?
[09:23] <vensa> e.g.: larry is short for lawrence. did you know that?
[09:23] <lindar> Yes.
[09:23] <ksion> coi la kucli
[09:23] <ctino> The only reason I use a gismu name is because my alias is Amber Shadow and I didn't want to lojbanize it :3
[09:23] <ksion> coi rodo .enai la lindar no'u se fanza u'i
[09:24] <selckiku> "kucli" is a nice gi'ucme
[09:24] <selckiku> i've always loved the word "kucli"
[09:24] <tomoj> so some names have associated meanings
[09:24] <lindar> In Lojban, {selckiku} ACTUALLY means means "lock".
[09:24] <tomoj> why does that mean we shouldn't be allowed to use names with no associated meaning?
[09:24] <vensa> lindar: are you disagreeing with me when it comes to lojban only? or in english as well?
[09:24] <tomoj> cmevla are just that way
[09:24] <selckiku> as does "stela", so my name is Lock Lock :D
[09:24] <tomoj> why not also selbri-shaped names?
[09:24] <vensa> yes! tomoj +1
[09:25] <lindar> >_>
[09:25] <ctino> selckiku: I figured that out today xD
[09:25] <selckiku> there's no meaning associated with "clsn".. that's a neat shape for a name
[09:25] <lindar> The FACT of the matter is that it is DEFINED as "The one named...".
[09:25] <tomoj> also, jabberwocky
[09:25] <tomoj> a lojban translation of jabberwocky should use morphological selbri that aren't actual selbri
[09:25] <lindar> So {la xalbo} is unambiguously DEFINED as "The one named 'levitous-thing'.". That's what it means.
[09:26] <tomoj> perhaps some morphological cmavo and fu'ivla too?
[09:26] <lindar> You don't get to say, "Ah, no, I don't feel like doing that. I want my name to be a gismu, but I'm special, so it doesn't actually mean that for me.".
[09:26] <vensa> lindar: all im saying is that it doesnt neccessarily mean that {la xalbo} is aware of the meaning of his name, or wether he chose it BECAUSE of its meaning
[09:26] <tomoj> sure you do
[09:26] <lindar> la donri is "The one named 'Day'.".
[09:26] <vensa> of course he did in this case
[09:26] <tomoj> we get to pick our own names
[09:26] <vensa> but it doesnt have to be
[09:26] <lindar> >_>
[09:26] <selckiku> the translation of jabberwocky we have is by xorxes right?
[09:26] <lindar> YES IT DOES
[09:26] <tomoj> if I want to be named 'fatass', why can't I be?
[09:27] <lindar> IT -DOES- HAVE TO BE
[09:27] <vensa> lindar: where?!
[09:27] <tomoj> jeebus
[09:27] <selckiku> WHY ARE WE YELLING
[09:27] <tomoj> take a chill pill
[09:27] <ctino> BECAUSE YELLING IS FUN
[09:27] <vensa> lindar: the book doesnt tell us what to THINK
[09:27] <ctino> u'i
[09:27] <tomoj> there's some candy like tic-tacs called "chill", lol
[09:28] <ctino> I love tic-tacs.
[09:28] <vensa> seems like any discussion involving me and lindar can never come to an end :)
[09:28] <ctino> Haha.
[09:28] <vensa> or is it just lindar and anybody? :P
[09:29] <vensa> or me and anybody?
[09:29] <ctino> Lindar and anybody.
[09:29] <tomoj> unstoppable force + immovable object
[09:29] <Twey> ctino: What do you think of that lindar and vensa, eh, eh?
[09:29] <vensa> I'm pretty stubborn myself :)
[09:29] <vensa> tomoj u'isai
[09:29] <ctino> Twey: Entertaining.
[09:29] <vensa> :)
[09:30] <vensa> lindar is quite so I suspect he actually went to the books
[09:30] <vensa> *quiet
[09:30] <ctino> Probably.
[09:30] <ctino> I know I would have.
[09:30] <vensa> when he comes back, all hell will break out
[09:30] <ctino> Haha.
[09:30] <ctino> The quiet before the storm.
[09:30] <vensa> what happens if I leave before he comes back? :P
[09:30] <ctino> >___>
[09:30] <vensa> .y
[09:31] <vensa> shhhhh...  "i'm not here..."
[09:31] <ctino> So what's the synopsis of this debate?
[09:31] <vensa> we'll have to wait for lindar to return for that
[09:31] <ksion> vensa: That's mostly because is mutce certu loka fanza ;)
[09:31] <vensa> it's not over till the british elf screams
[09:32] <ksion> vensa: lindar is*
[09:32] <ctino> xD
[09:32] <tomoj> wat
[09:32] <vensa> ksion: :)
[09:33] == zugz [~zugz@] has joined #lojban
[09:33] <lindar> What's up now?
[09:33] <ctino> I wanna know what the synopsis of your debate is.
[09:33] <lindar> btw: Not to be picky/whiney or anything, but I would appreciate the favour of you referring to be as a spivvak. =/
[09:33] <lindar> *to me as
[09:35] <lindar> Short version: If you have a brivla name, you picked it. It always has the meaning. You can't divorce a gismu from the meaning just because it's a name. That's like naming a kid "Hope" and then saying, "It's a really cool name, but I never looked it up to find out what it means.".
[09:36] <ctino> Hm. Okay, thanks.
[09:36] <tomoj> certainly that's conceivable

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