doi daiz.

This is a translation of "Daisy" the classic song that HAL 9000 sings at the end of "2001 - A Space Odyssey". Most of the syllables are matched as best as I could manage, so I had to leave out at least one ".i"

You can hear the lojban text-to-speech sing it:

doi daiz.

.i xelfanva fi'e la xavier .i

doi daiz. doi daiz. dunda le do frati .i mi fenki ki'u le do prami .i mi'a na melnunspeni lo carce cu dukse kargu do ba melbi cpana le stizu po lo velrelprevelma'e

Is is intended to be sung to the original tune? The stresses don't match up, and in a couple of cases, neither do the syllable counts. (At least, not if Lojban is considered a syllable-timed language rather than a stress-timed language like English, where multiple syllables can be run together into one "beat" of a song.)

I'm also not so sure about the "le do prami" (your love, not your lover) and about "mi'a na melnunspeni" (I and others, but not you, are not a beautiful-state-of-being-married?). --mi'e filip

Yes, it's meant to be sung to the original tune. Check out the associated ogg. It matches as best as I could manage without totally mangling the lojban. Of course, if you have any suggestions feel free to contribute. It's very challenging working with the limitations (yes, I had to squeeze an extra syllable on the last two lines). -xavier

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