exclamations of remorse

1) mi xerdji lenu mi pu zmadu fi leka prami do
2) mi xenru lenu mi na pu zmadu fi leka prami do

Okay, maybe this works - but how express things like e.g. those beginning with:
'Had I... Couldn't it have happened that... Wouldn't it have been nice, if... etc.'

I'm still searching for something like a possible/impossible (=non-real) world indicator in Lojban - will this be invain?

I just discovered it recently: And's experimental mu'ei.

"Wouldn't it have been nice if (broda)" could be pei xamgu so'imu'ei lenu broda, or if you actually mean to ask whether it would have been nice, xamgu xomu'ei lenu broda.

Since this is "experimental" and not "baseline", the sad truth infact seems to be that there isn't any appropriate dealing with subjunctive stuff in standard language. Yet, at a first glance, I seem to like And's approach. (It goes about the line proposed in Loglan and seems pretty Lojbanic.) It's a pity being forced to do it outside of orthodox cmavo shape (there are way too many moreorless useless other ones), but, anyway, I like it's deriving from {munje}.
Anyway, I'd like to gather ideas how to express that subjunctive stuff in standard language (since I just can remember only one of your earlier proposals which was about {.ei mi pu broda} for "I should have..." and was regarded pretty controversially (what is also the way I see it).

.u'anaicai le jinga na jinga

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