if alphabetical order of numbers matched numerical order...

0 no => b- (e.g. bau)
1 pa => ca
2 re => de
3 ci => fi
4 vo => go
5 mu => ju
6 xa => ka
7 ze => le
8 bi => mi
9 so => no
10 dau => pu
11 fei => ra
12 gai => se
13 jau => ti
14 rei => vo
15 vai => zu

1. /x/ is not used in this series because an offical alternative orthography represents it as <h>.

2. The only 5-member CV cmavo series is the FA series, and this could have been changed thus:
fa/fe/fi/fo/fu => xa/xe/xi/xo/xu

Of course, one needs to take into consideration the fact that this would destroy a number of other alphabetic series.

But all destroyed series would have workarounds, e.g. by changing the intitial C. It goes without saying that the above scheme would have caused wholesale reshuffling of the cmavo form--function assignments.

tinkit hmm, i like it. more because the hexadecimal cmavo don't look different than the others.

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