ilya nikokoshev

coi .i mi'e la eli,ias. nikokocev

I just started Lojbaning, so please correct me. Is my name .elias. , .eliia. or .eli,ias.? (I'd like to pronounce it elija, not ilya).

Who am I

I'm a mathematician from ITEP, it's in Moscow, Russia.
Personal data: young, male, russian, never, not yet, ...


I was brought up in Moscow and Lipetsk. Although I was born in Uzbekistan, my native language is Russian. I'm (rather) fluent in English, but I like communicating in French and German. I studied a bit Italian and Chinese. I loved languages from the very youth, so I learned Esperanto and tried to create my own language, German-based. Now (Nov 2003) I've found Lojban, wow!

Why Lojban

  • Natural languages have their problems,
  • constructed languages are boring for everybody except their author
  • It's really great to find a logical language spoken, even by small amount of people. If, I hope, this continues for some time, Lojban wouldn't be constructed language anymore, it will has its own irregularities etc.
  • Everybody loves creating something. What's more interesting than creating the new world, esp. for ourselves? We'll get our own jboklu, jbotut and la lojbangug
  • Not so many people love speaking English as a world language, so may be Lojban descendants will unite more people than ever.

Idea: when we have enough Lojban people, we could try hieroglyphic script for gismu, with may be special script for cmavo and cmene, like Japanese.


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