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This page explains, by example, how to link to jbovlaste words. Look at the source.

Long Form

{JVS(valsi=>da,lang=en)}da en{JVS}
{JVS(valsi=>da,lang=es)}da es{JVS}
{JVS(valsi=>da,nolang=1)}da nl{JVS}
{JVS(valsi=>bolci,general=>1)}bolci general{JVS}
{JVS(valsi=>bolci,nolang=1,general=>1)}bolci nl general{JVS}

{JVS(nlw=>ball,general=>1)}ball general{JVS}
{JVS(nlw=>bola,lang=>es)}bola, es{JVS}
{JVS(nlw=>ball,meaning=>party)}ball party{JVS}
{JVS(nlw=>ball,meaning=>)}ball none{JVS}
{JVS(nlw=>ball,meaning=>,general=>1)}ball none general{JVS}


Short (Local Hack) Form

{jvsv bolci}
{jvsv snaveica'a}
{jvsn ball}
{jvsn nonword}

{jvsv bolci}
{jvsv da lang=en}
{jvsv lang=es da label="da es"}
{jvsv nolang=1 da label="da nl"}
{jvsv general=1 bolci label="bolci general}
{jvsv nolang=1 general=1 bolci label="nl general"}

{jvsn ball}
{jvsn ball general=1 label="ball general"}
{jvsn bola lang=es label="bola, es"}
{jvsn ball meaning=party label="ball party"}
{jvsn ball meaning= label="ball none"}
{jvsn ball meaning= general=1 label="ball none general"}

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