.i zo jondatnymu'e cu se finti la nitcion mu'i lenu frati zo balcukta

.i zo jondatnymu'e cu lujvo fo lu jorne datni munje li'u .i le lujvo cu se jicmu le si'o jorne loi datni poi sampu tadji lenu fanva zoigy. Hypertext gy.

.i le lujvo cu pilno zo munje mu'i lenu basna leka le datni ciste poi ly. ciksi cu mulno ciste

What is the place structure of jondatnymu'e?


  • web: jondatnymu'e
  • web site: jondatnymu'e tcana (as a tanru, this is vague and could mean web site, web page, or something else)
  • web page: jondatnymu'e selci (because it's the minimal unit of the Web)
  • hypertext link: jondatnymu'e jorne (joins to other parts of the web)

I chose jondatnymu'e over balcukta, not because I prefer a literal term, but because I may someday want to talk about Homer and Shakespeare. The literal meaning of balcukta is useful, so it should take precedence over the metaphorical meaning. mi'e jezrax

The Web is the Greatest Book of them all; undoubtedly containing in its glorious pages several copies of the works of Homer and Shakespeare. Such an individual text, no matter how valuable, is molecular compared to the Ultra Opus that contains by far the largest collection of pages ever compiled. This Book of All Books is the Final Book; future generations will read no other! That's why I feel it deserves the appelation of "banli", and calling it a "joined data universe" doesn't capture its magnificent splendor. It seems generations have become inured to the greatest achievements of civilization.--xod

  • Perhaps I will have to start calling the world-conquering web la aleksandrias. mi'e jezrax
  • so inured, even, that a bit of poorly designed hypertext somehow rivals a man on the moon, books that have been read for 2000 years, and devices 3 millimeters across which contain more components than the web has pages worth reading.
  • A great book has a better content to noise ratio — mi'e greg.
  • I'd also like to have the disappearance of banli's x3 in balcukta explained.
  • I now prefer ralcku. --xod
  • I am starting to like la ve'e valsi vasru, though mostly for the purposes of amusement. The la covers many sins; it's just a name, not a true description. And the valsi can be replaced by other things like vrici or, if you get too much porn-spam, vibna --mi'e mark Mmm... vreji is even better: la ve'e vrici vreji (still me)

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